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Water Damage Restoration Corpus Christi

Dangers of Floods

When a significant amount of standing water enters your property, it puts at risk not only the structural elements but also your personal belongings, electronics, important papers, etc. And to make matters worse, if you do nothing, the damage will only get worse.

Floodwaters contain waste, feces, dead animals, soil, and other pollutants, leaving an unpleasant sludge on every surface of your home. Even if you can’t see it, moisture can build up behind your walls, where it can promote the development of dangerous mold. Furthermore, walls and even materials like carpet can foster bacteria growth.

Floodwaters may also contain huge and/or sharp objects that, if struck, can inflict severe harm. And as the final straw, the foundation of your home may be seriously threatened by excessive water that enters your basement, possibly to the point of causing irreparable damage.

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water damage restoration company Corpus Christi TX

Flood Damage Restoration Corpus Christi TX

Residents and business owners in Corpus Christi, TX can receive complete flood damage restoration services from Sparkling City Water Damage Restoration to get their homes and goods back to normal. Our experts achieve this with the use of high-quality water extraction and drying equipment, sanitary measures, and restoration procedures.

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